4 Critical Qualities That Make A Great Logo

A logo will help your business stand out in a crowded marketplace. It will cement your brand in the mind of your audience. 

So what makes a great logo?

Consider these 4 often overlooked but critical qualities. 


Can Be Recreated Easily

A great logo can be replicated easily. Think about the Mac apple or the Nike swish. They’re simple and easy for someone to draw and recognize. The most challenging part of this for a logo designer is to create something unique that is recognizable and not easily mistaken for another brand. 


Structural Soundness

A structurally sound logo is one that looks symmetrical, balanced, and stands firmly. It’s not flimsy or weak.

Human beings are inherently attracted to symbols that are organized, orderly, symmetrical, and aligned. When a logo is structurally sound it strikes the idea of strength, excellence, and stability – all things a company should strive for. 


It’s Remarkable

A great logo should be striking.

A logo does not have to be a literal representation of a product or service. Often times it is the ambiguous and intriguing logos, like the Nike swish or Mac apple, that stand out.

A logo should be simple yet unique. Ambiguous yet clear. If you can get people to look longer at your logo, you’ll make it more memorable and significant in their minds. 


The Founder Loves It

The founder of the company should absolutely love the logo.

When a company starts up, the logo is one of the first things to come to mind. A founder who is promoting their company needs to feel pride and connection with every aspect of their company, especially with their logo.

Designers need to respect founders tastes. They must listen carefully. But must also be able to come up with a clear vision for what logo will best represent the founder and their company. 

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