5 Reasons Your Business Needs A Logo


With so many factors going into starting your business, you may not think that creating a logo is all that important. 

But you couldn’t be more wrong. 



Because your logo: 

Creates a Strong First Impression

You only have one chance to make a first impression. Your logo is the first thing your customers experience. If your logo is designed well it will make your first impression flawless. 

Your first impression is the best way to dominate your niche. So don’t waste it. 


It Grabs Attention

Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Especially when it comes to making purchases. You have about 2 seconds to capture the attention of your potential customers – which is where your logo comes in. 

Your logo can quickly capture the attention and imagination of your potential customers in a way that little else can so quickly. 


It’s Memorable

Your logo is what most people will remember when it comes to your company. They may not remember the name, they may not remember what you sell, but they’ll remember “that company with the little swishmark”. 

Logos make your company easily identifiable. People instantly connect with your logo and how it makes them feel. 


It Sets You Apart

Your logo helps you be different and unique.

Although there may be 50 coffee shops in your neighbourhood, having a strong logo will help yours stand out. 

A well-designed logo can communicate everything you want to say about your brand. Whether that’s professionalism, fun, or sustainability – these can all be communicated most effectively with a killer logo. 


It Creates Loyalty

People crave consistency. And a logo helps them create consistency and make consistent decisions.

A great logo makes your brand trustworthy and accessible. Your customers will often pull over if they see your coffee shop logo, although they may not think your company by name when they’re driving through the neighbourhood.

A great logo helps your potential customers choose you first every time.

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