How To Choose A Logo

Starting your business isn’t easy. There are many decisions to make. Once you’ve established your brand name, it’s time to create a logo. 

A logo is a group of symbols, letters, and images that are a unique and consistent way to identify your service or product. 

The logo is the most prominent and stable part of your brand. Therefore it should be carefully considered and designed so it reflects your business. 

If you don’t have the capability to design your own logo, it’s important to feel confident in your ability to hire someone to design it for you. Then you must feel good about deciding on the best design for your brand. 

When you understand the 5 key elements of design, your logo is sure to be more successful. 

Image Style

The logo represents your company. So the look and feel of it should reflect how your company wishes to be experienced by your audience.

For example, if your company is in a conservative industry, like construction, you may want your logo to be more conservative, streamlined, and perhaps even high tech. However, if your brand is for something more whimsical like a cake bakery, a more lighthearted and fun design is more suited. 


Consider how you plan to use your logo before you decide on what it will look like.

A logo for a website may be different than one used for invoices or for print advertising.

Most companies want to use their logo for more than one use. So be aware of all of the potential uses for your logo before you decide on a design so that you don’t have to get it redesigned later. 


It’s important that your logo is original and doesn’t make you think about any other brands.

Do your homework and see if there are any other companies using something similar. Pick something that will help you stand out from the crowd. 


This is related to “use” above. Depending on how you plan to use your logo you may need it to come in different formats.

Once you know how it will be used the designer can provide you with the formats you’ll need.

Formats that many designers use include: 

  • Vector (EPS): Used by most printing facilities. Includes font and colour information
  • GIF: Low-resolution file used primarily for email and web. Used frequently for a moving logo. 
  • jPG or JPEG: Allows you to store full-colour images with high compression ratios. Used primarily for photos on web pages. 
  • BMP: Can be imported into most software applications. 
  • Tif or Tiff: Can be imported into most PC or MAC software. Large file size can be used for full-colour printing. 
  • Vector (AI) Adobe Illustrator: Editable in both PC and MAC. 
  • PDF: Used by Adobe Acrobat, electronic publishing software for MAC, PC, and UNIX. 

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