The Power of Your Logo – It’s All About The Subconscious Mind

Every day you see hundreds of logos. But what is a logo and why is it important? 

A logo is a core part of any brand and every marketing plan. Yet, it’s one of the most overlooked things people miss when starting a business. 

New business owners tend to not really think about logos much. They take them for granted. Most people take logos for granted and barely notice them. 

Initially, a logo helps you recognize a brand and reminds you that it exists. It keeps a specific company at the top of mind. Without a logo, a company would essentially disappear from consumer consciousness. 

You can’t really have a brand without a logo. Imagine McDonald’s without the arches. Would you even remember to stop for those golden french fries if you weren’t reminded by the logo? 

Probably not. 

However, logos do a lot more than recognition. They represent everything about a brand. 

Logos are a promise to consumers. 

They represent trust, quality, and security. 


The Emotional Power of Logos

When you reach for a carbonated beverage do you reach for just any brand? Or do you reach for a Coca-Cola? When we think Coca-Cola we think about certain values like family, happiness, and warmth. 

This is the sign of a highly effective logo. It’s recognizable in any language and it evokes strong emotions. 

Logos give us a direct emotional connection to a brand. They spark emotion that reflects the emotional benefit of what the brand is all about. For example, the Nike logo makes us feel inspired, even if we’re not athletes. 

Once you have a good logo you don’t even need the name of the brand attached. The logo does the talking. 


Logos and The Subconscious

Logos are overlooked because we take them for granted. We don’t even really notice them after a time or consciously connect with the emotions that we attach to them. 

The truth is that the subconscious mind actually sees logos even when the conscious mind overlooks them. It brings specific memories and emotions to mind even if the consumer isn’t thinking about the business. 

The consumer feels something when they see the logo, whether they mean to or not. 

This is why logos are so important. They make people subconsciously recognize your brand even without thinking. They make people emotionally resonate with your brand even when they’re not paying attention. 

When deciding on your own logo be sure to tune into the emotional benefits of your brand. What you want people to feel. And choose wisely as it will represent your brand for years to come.

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