Why Does Your Business Need A Logo?

A logo is a combination of imagery and text that serves several purposes. 

  • It tells people the name of your company
  • It gives them a recognizable symbol that they associate with your company

Logos can create a powerful emotional bond to a company. They can deeply embed in people’s memories so that even when they forget the name, they still remember the logo. In fact, some logos such as the McDonalds golden arches are so familiar that you no longer need the company name. 

Why Get A Logo? 

Having a professionally designed logo builds trust. Customer are more likely to do business with you if you have a logo that is well designed. If your logo looks unprofessional or amateurish many people will question the professionalism and authority of your brand. This will cause people to look elsewhere. 


What’s Essential In A Logo?

The Most Important Part of a Logo

One of the most important things to have in your logo when you’re first starting out is a clear name that’s easy to read. This is so that when people view your logo on a sign, on a vehicle, or posters they immediately know what the logo says without any confusion. 


Use It Consistently

Have a policy in place for when and how your logo is used. When your logo is used inconsistently it can confuse potential customers. Also, customers want to see your logo on everything you do. From social media to business cards, associating your logo with your business will help cement it in people’s memories. 


Use Simple Colours

Because your logo will be used in so many different types of scenarios its important to have the colours be simple and versatile. Your logo will appear on business cards, computer screens, signage, vehicles, and advertisements. ou need to consider all of these possible contexts when you’re designing your logo because your logo will look different in each different medium. Because of these reasons, most brands normally stick to 3 or fewer colours in their logo and use solid colours instead of a gradient. 


Be Memorable

The whole point of your logo is to make your company memorable to your potential audience. Some ways to do this include interesting text or fonts, illustrated icons, or distinctive design


How Do I Get A Logo?

It’s best to get your logo professionally designed rather than doing it yourself. Mylogo.com can provide you with a simple streamlined experience so you can get your logo designed in a snap. 

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